COVID-19 Plan Summary

Do not attend Sailability if:

  • you are ill in any way.
  • your immediate family or work colleagues have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19.
  • if anyone in your immediate family or work colleagues is in quarantine.
  • if you or anyone in your immediate family and work colleagues has returned from a known hotspot, in the last 14 days.

Attendees – volunteers, sailors and carers must sign in and out completing every part of the form. Each attendee must permit their temperature to be taken.

Attendees must commit to the following essential requirements prior to commencing each sailing days activities:

  1. Wash/sanitize hands before, during and after activities;
  2. Sneeze, cough into elbow or tissue (disposed of appropriately);
  3. Maintain 1.5 metres social distancing;
  4. No hand shaking or physical contact;

Carer’s shall assure the hygiene, social distancing and all other COVID precautions be followed.  While this should occur at all times, it needs to be adhered to during the use of the BBQ.

The Gosford Sailing Club will be available for changing clothes and the use of toilets only.

No more than two people in the storage area at a time except for the safe loading and unloading of the boats.  Vo0lunteerrs may retrieve and store boats at the scout hall as it is open air.

Maintain distancing while rigging and derigging the sailboats.


Only three sailboats should be at the jetty at a time.   

The safety boat will only approach the pier when safe distancing can be maintained.

Skippers and sailors agree to sailing together. Sailors and skippers must wear masks. Sanitizer will; be used between changes in sailors. Gloves will be made available for both skippers and sailors.

Boats will be sanitized between crew changes and given 10 minutes for the sanitizing solution to dry before the next use.

The safety boat will be sanitized after final docking.